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21 june 2022 : Government white paper - reform of rental sector 1 September 2020 : Possession Proceedings After 20 September 2020   Update 24 August 2020 : Possession Proceedings After 20 September 2020 Autumn 2013 : Terrorism insurance and “day 1 cover”, must you have them? Summer2013 : Major works consultation procedures, more pitfalls Spring 2013 : Major works consultation procedures, the pitfalls Winter 2013 : Balconies and roof terraces, who owns them? who pays for their upkeep? Autumn 2012 : Non payment of service charges, what can you do if a lessee in your block will not pay? Summer 2012 : Property yields and investment in residential property Spring 2012 : Water damage to your flat, who pays the flat causing the leak, the service charge fund or the building insurance? New Year 2012 : Service charges, how to make sure they are properly demanded? Autumn 2011 : The dangers of not maintaining your property, the tenants’ right to compensation and non payment of rent January/February/March 2011 : The lessee in the basement who won’t pay for the roof and the lessee in the top floor flat who won’t pay for the damp in the basement. How do you solve the problem? Major works consultation procedures explained September/October/November 2010 : Assured Shorthold Tenancies June/July/August 2010 : Capital Gains Tax on the sale of residential property April/May 2010 : Dealing with a non paying tenant, how to limit your risk and what to do if the tenant won’t go and won’t pay.The advantages and disadvantages of having a share of your freehold February/March 2010 : The advantages and disadvantages of having a share of your freehold December 2009/January 2010 : October/November 2009 : Rental deposits, the dangers of not properly registering them October/November 2009 : Flooding from the flat above, who pays? the law explained August/September 2009 : Agents’ commission July/August 2009 : Lease extensions, the concept of “marriage value” June/July 2009 : Lease extensions, the basic concept