• Extensive knowledge and practice of how to present, market and maintain your property so as to maximise rental returns
  • Wide network of potential tenants especially those working in financial services, banking, the professions and academia
  • Full in house maintenance and design service available

At Astberrys we understand your need to obtain a good market rent quickly. Using our databases and local knowledge we can always establish the appropriate asking price for your property. We will ensure, that you achieve the best rent in all market conditions and will advise you on the basis of up to date comparables, which we are happy to show you. We are always careful to encourage you to offer a fair and realistic rent because over ambitious asking prices frequently lead to rental voids. Instructing us means, that your property will be let quickly at the best possible rent to the best possible tenant.

We have a clear and transparent pricing structure for our maintenance services supplied to properties, which we manage.

We want to find you the right tenant for your property. We will always want to know your preferences, but generally we deal with financial and other professionals. We arrange for credit checks to be carried out on any tenant and obtain employment and previous landlord references. If we would not feel happy about having any applicant as a tenant in one of our own properties then we will not introduce them to you.

One of the advantages we offer to landlords is our own in house maintenance service, available for properties let and managed by us. We understand that as the busy owner of an investment property you may not want to be bothered with telephone calls from tenants requesting repairs or renewals. Our managed service ensures that the maintenance burden falls on our shoulders and you may have total confidence that your property will be well maintained at reasonable cost.

Sometimes it may be worthwhile carrying out a makeover on certain properties so as to improve rental prospects. If so, we will advise you and our own in house team can quickly and economically carry out any necessary works. Our standards are high..

We practice an equal opportunity policy and are pleased to take as clients all landlords irrespective of race, colour, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability. However we reserve the right not to act for you if we feel, that your property would be better marketed by other agents.

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